Plug and Save! Featured Tool: QuickSelect

QuickSelect efficiently accelerates data access and reduces infrastructure costs in IBM zSystems environments.


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  • Saves CPU and I/O by caching the results of repetitive SQL, letting DB2 serve other requests 
  • Ensures data integrity through built-in table update sensitivity 
  • Provides full support of data sharing across multiple LPAR systems 
  • Automatically finds the tables and SQL that should be cached 
  • All versions of DB2 are supported




Green Software: Recycling Management, Compost Plant Management, Mushroom Production, Organics Processing


Increase the profitability of your business with user-friendly, hands-on systems that guarantee quality documentation and tracking of your core business information.

Our systems provide a broad range of special applications for recycling facilities, compost plants and mushroom production that let you track all relevant data for processing material in your plant. This helps you to make fully informed decisions creating an optimum benefit-cost ratio for all treated material.


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  • Provides information on material input and output from your plants, your operating expenses for treating different batches and types of materials and what qualities of output materials to expect
  • Analyzes your sales, individual customers and markets to ensure you are selling your product at the right time to the right people, increasing profitability and success
  • Handles your compliance monitoring and your reporting to regulatory authorities, gives you full traceability and audit trail of all material movements
  • Plans your manufacturing, schedules processing activities such as turning and watering
  • Manages your inventory, processes your customer orders and prepares inventory data
  • Helps push product and increase profitability