Information Technology for Better Business


"Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

Steven Covey


We love a good puzzle. As management consultants, we specialize in finding optimum solutions to a broad variety of IT related challenges.

Search, analysis, selection and examination of business and technical information systems for our customers is just one area where we excel.

We also regularly provide troubleshooting and development services for organizational and management related IT issues.

A win for our customer is a project result that strengthens his organizations position in a competitive market. A win to us is being able to consistently provide this kind of result.

Plug and Save! Featured Tool: QuickSelect

Geared towards banking/insurance, governmental institutions and large manufacturing industries, QuickSelect accelerates data access and reduces infrastructure costs in IBM zSystems environments.


Green Software: Compost Plant Management

Increase the profitability of your composting business with user-friendly, hands-on systems that guarantee quality documentation and tracking of your core business information.