Information Technology for Better Business

Optimization of z/OS and Other Large Systems

Mission critical: being responsible for the IT-backbone of mid- to large-size enterprises.

Our customers are constantly on the lookout for solutions that create value by increasing efficiency of IT resources throughout their enterprises while guaranteeing the highest level of usability and security. We help our customers reach these goals by providing consulting and innovative tools for:

  • Systems analysis 
  • Legacy management tools 
  • SQL and DB2 tuning 
  • Advanced caching tools for static and dynamic data

Plug and Save! Featured Tool: QuickSelect

Geared towards banking/insurance, governmental institutions and large manufacturing industries, QuickSelect accelerates data access and reduces infrastructure costs in IBM zSystems environments.


Green Software: Compost Plant Management

Increase the profitability of your composting business with user-friendly, hands-on systems that guarantee quality documentation and tracking of your core business information.